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The name

n. terrone, southerner, native or resident of the south

Joe and Angela chose the name as a tribute to reflect their southern Italian heritage. Their parents are from Calabria and Sicily.  By definition, the term “Terroni” is an expression used to describe an inhabitant of southern Italy.  It is actually a bit tongue in cheek in that the Industrial Northerners would often use the term in a derogatory way when referring to their southern neighbors. (People of the land/ farmers/workers/peasant) “We are proud of our culinary heritage and we know that our cuisine is loved all over the world”.

When Joe was younger his parents owned a local fruit shop so he grew up with only the freshest and best produce always around him.  Today Joe still goes personally to the markets almost on a daily basis and often with Mamma Tina to select the best produces personally by hand.  This ensures that everything that comes to the Terroni table is always fresh and selected with care.  Their Chefs prepare these raw ingredients using traditional processes and old recipes along with some modern twists along the way.

Growing up Joe and Angela quickly learned that the most important thing to Italians is family and a very close second is food.  They both have fond memories of their respective families and big gatherings around a long table sharing food, wine and stories.

On big festive days like Easter and Christmas, everyone would bring to the table their specialty dishes and they would graze all day until their bellies could fit no more.  After a great meal, they would sit around the table playing cards, drinking more wine, laughing, often arguing and enjoying the moment for what it was. Always of course surrounded by something else to nibble on.

There is nothing better that the smells of the Italian kitchen - garlic, onions, sauces simmering, cheese and fresh bread or pizza being baked.  They remember fondly the way their families would gather annually to make the sugo, the salami, the vino and pickle everything from olives to artichokes.  These gatherings were a celebration of their culture and tradition and Cafe Terroni pays homage to that.

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